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[Release] Auxo Legacy Edition

Ahh, Auxo Legacy Edition, thought to be just a myth. After a long time in the making, finally, on Sunday, Auxo Legacy Edition hit Cydia. Developer Ryan Petrich and designer Sentry collaborate to bring us this awesome tweak and it was sure worth the wait. Check out our review after the jump.

Immediately you can see that a lot of love went into creating Auxo Legacy Edition, the preferences section is done very well, everything looks simple and straight-forward. Auxo enhances the Control Center by integrating an App Switcher in it. You can still access the stock iOS App Switcher by double pressing the Home button.
App Switcher
The App Switcher section obviously allows you to choose how you want the Auxo App Switcher to behave. You can enable/disable pagination, which allows paging of the app cards (four per page). You can select what swiping up on an app card does, below we have it set to preview/open an app. You can also close all apps either by swiping down on any app card or holding an app card, further below (unable to screenshot it) there’s an option to select app to whitelist, so they don’t close when you ‘close all apps’.
Auxillary Pages
The Auxillary Pages section deals with the Music and Toggles sections of Auxo. From here you can switch between the Volume Slider and Track Scrubber when tapping the Track Title in the Music section of Auxo. You can also swap the Music and Toggle section from here.
Advanced Options
From here you can choose which section of Auxo Legacy Edition you want to show or hide and more. You can choose which section you want Auxo to open to whenever you invoke the tweak, another option you can’t see in the below screenshot is the ability to hide the Music controls when no music is playing.
Final Thoughts
Auxo Legacy Edition is a pretty awesome tweak, bringing the App Switcher to the Control Center with smooth animations and cool features, but the smaller Control Center is going to take some getting used to. The good thing about the Legacy Edition is that it works with Auxo 3, so you can have the best of both worlds, you won’t miss those Hot Corners. After using it for a few hours I think i’ll be keeping Auxo Legacy Edition on my iPhone for the foreseeable.

You can get Auxo Legacy Edition from Cydia right now for $1.99 if you bought Auxo 2 or 3 you’ll be able to nab it for just $0.99
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