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[Release] AppButton – Review

AppButton has finally been released! For those of you that don’t know what AppButton is then read our first article on it, which is here, then continue with this article. Developed by, Steven Rolfe, AppButton is an amazing multitasking tweak, I’d even go as far as saying it could pretty easily replace your current multitasking tweak/s. More after the jump…

Initially released as a public alpha/beta in early January, with a little bit of help from the jailbreak community, AppButton has come quite a long way in such a short space of time.

If you haven’t read our previous article on AppButton (beta), I’ll just breifly explain what it does… At first glance one might mistake AppButton for the iOS Assistive Touch, but by dragging down on the transparent hovering icon, you’ll see all the apps in your App Switcher, this is your app tray, then releasing your finger over an app icon will open that app, it’s as simple as that. You can move the AppButton wherever you like on the screen, just hold for a few seconds until the AppButton goes dark.

Since the release of the first alpha, we have now got a preference pane in the Settings, which brings quite a few customization options to AppButton.

Firstly, the large button at the top allows you to customize how your AppButton works. The white line around the large button represents the angle of how far your app tray will open and the opposite, transparent line for favourites tray.

The Favourite Apps will allow you to choose apps to put in the favourites tray, so using the settings above, you’ll be able to swipe up on the AppButton to see all your favourite assigned apps, and swiping down you’ll be able to see the apps in your App Switcher.

The next section in the Settings is Look and Feel, here you can customize how AppButton looks. you can switch between black or white AppButton and tray. You can also set the transparency of the AppButton, one slider for a resting button and another for the app tray. I personally have the app tray fully visible and the button transparency at about half. You can also add a dark border around AppButton and blur to the app tray. 
Another cool option is ‘highlight chosen app’, this option fades all surrounding icons in the app tray leaving only the chosen app highlighted, pretty neat, right?
That’s not all, there are still more AppButton customization options, going into the Behaviour section, you can choose to invoke AppButton using Activator if you don’t always like it on the screen. You can also choose tap/hold actions on AppButton, currently I have AppButton to ‘simulate the Home button’ when tapped once and ‘Open to last app’ when double tapping the AppButton.
You can also dock AppButton to the screen edge if it gets in the way sometimes, you can have a kill all apps gesture plus there’s a few more options. 
Final Thoughts
If you’re going to be using AppButton on an iPad, I say it’s amazing, and definitely worth it, if you’re using it on an iPhone, I don’t think it’s as good. I just installed it on my iPhone for this review and I ran in to a few problems, like the app tray scrolling through the apps when I invoked AppButton (maybe some sort of bug when AppButton is near the edge?) and it doesn’t feel as good as it does on an iPad. 
And I will leave you with a quick video review by thejailbreaker:

You can grab AppButton (by Steven Rolfe) for $1.49 on the BigBoss repo now
What do you guys think of AppButton? Sound off in the comments below

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