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Reeder To Add Love For Feed Wrangler And Feedly

As you may or may not know, Reeder is a favorite around these parts. Macdaily is a big fan of Reeder both on the Mac and for iOS. So when we learned yesterday that Silvio Rizzi, the brains behind Reeder, confirmed via Twitter that Macstories had indeed been correct, we were excited to say the least.
Excited about the fact that Reeder will be taking on supporting both Feedly and Feed Wrangler. Two alerternatives to the almost defunct Google Reader.

Federico from Macstories broke the news and we have to say..Yipppeee!

I have reached out to Rizzi, who confirmed Feedly support will indeed be added to the next versions of Reeder. His client, which was updated last April on the iPhone to support Feedbin sync and local RSS feeds, will also be updated for Feedly integration. While a precise release timeframe isn’t clear yet, it’s safe to assume Feedly integration will first come to the iPhone and then to Reeder for Mac and iPad..

Rizzi also told me that Reeder will support Feed Wrangler..

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.15.41 PM

We have both a Feedly and Feed Wrangler write up here at Macdaily, along with a post of Reeder and Feedbin now becoming a supported option.

Rizzi has also started setting up Reeder as a stand alone service. While it is a manual push at this point, and it doesn’t sync between iOS and Mac, there is always hope for that possibility also.

Feed Wrangler will most likely come first in terms of integrating with Reeder although as soon as Feedly tightens up some odds and ends, it will be close behind.

We can only hope that Reeder is updated prior to the July 1st deadline of the impending doom of Google Reader.

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[Via: MacStories]

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