Reeder and Feedbin Sitting in a Tree

When Reeder announced that it was going to support Feedbin as an RSS provider, many RSS faithful cringed their teeth. First, because nobody knows what Feedbin was. Second, because after doing a search for them, they soon realized that Feedbin was a paid RSS service. So, here we have the wounded RSS fans who are still getting over their breakup with Reader after Google pulled the plug, and now they can’t imagine paying money for RSS feeds. Welcome to the age of the internet!

However, after a few pints of ice cream and a little common sense, people started realizing that Reeder wasn’t going to ONLY support Feedbin as it’s only Reader alternative. Feedbin will be one (and the developer’s prefered) services of the app.

Of course, Reeder has always supported alternative RSS providers. They support Readability (which is no real RSS alternative) and they also support Fever, which is a service provider for a fee running on your own server. So, for Reeder to open its gates to another alternative paid service is no surprise.

As Google Reader continues to die a slow death, I’m comforted by the fact that Reeder, my favorite RSS reader app, will do right when it comes to alternatives. I for one have already made my decision and decided to drop $20 for a year’s worth of Feedbin. Though I’m only using it on the browser as of this moment until Reeder updates their app with their service, I can already tell you, it’s fantastic!

I put my money where my mouth is. The problem is people are not willing to do the same.

What has become of your feeds? Are you willing to give Feedbin a try?