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Reeder is one of my favorite apps on my iPhone 5. It used to be my most used on the iPad as well. That is until Google famously shut down their Reader Services. That shut down happened in early July, it is now September 12th and we finally have the next iteration of Reeder.

Reeder 2.0 is here.

When the day came that Google Reader shut down, Silvio Rizzi, the mind behind this wonderful app, had to make the decision to focus on a product. That focus remained on the iPhone version of Reeder. The iPad and Mac version ceased to work. Silvio added Feedbin support to Reeder, along with adding Feedly and Feed Wrangler along the way. But we all were missing Reeder for the iPad and Mac.

iOS 7 was introduced to the world and Reeder was quiet. Until yesterday. Yesterday when Silvio tweeted out this important update:

reeder 2.0 is alive

Reeder 2.0 is a ground up rebuild for those of us who used and loved Reeder on the iPad. The support of the iPad is a must have if you are a lover of RSS. Reeder has always been a groundbreaking app that has a touch of minimalistic flavor to it. A great app that once ruled my home screens, now has regained it’s rightful place.

Reeder 2’s updates have made me grab it, even though it’s a new price point. I need Reeder on the iPad.

The first update to speak of is the inability (of Apple’s API) to open other apps and set them as default. Reeder 2.0 introduces the ability to open links within Google Chrome, a browser I love BUT cannot go to 100% due to the fact I can’t open all of my links in it.

The second update to the code includes the ability to utilize Feed Wrangler’s “smart streams”. This is a great tool to use if you decide to pay for Feed Wrangler’s services.

While things are the same on the iPhone front (with a cleaner look, and ready for iOS 7), the introduction back into the fold of the iPad is a welcome change. Now to wait for the Mac version to be updated and we will be all set.

Are you purchasing Reeder 2.0?

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