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Race The Sun now available on the App Store

FillipFly’s Race The Sun has been around since last August on PC then later on the PS Vita, and just last week it arrived on the App Store. After taking if for a spin for a few days, I thought this is a game worth mentioning to our readers.

The objective of the game is simple, pilot a solar-powered ship at breakneck speed towards the endlessly setting Sun while avoiding waves of static and moving obstacles.

Pickup momentarily delay the setting of the Sun, but each run basically ends with you failing and in darkness. There are a load of levels for you to work through, each layout changing every 24 hours, designed to prevent gamers from memorizing the maps.

While it may be considered a little ‘pricey’ at $4.99, with items to unlock to customize your ship with, and worlds to unlock, Race The Sun is sure to keep you entertained for hours to come. It is essentially a game that you’d pick up for a few minutes and then put back down, but it’ll always have you playing a level or two a couple of times a day.

You can buy Race The Sun on the App Store now for $4.99

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