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If you are like me then you probably aren’t the most amazing at applications like photoshop or even pixelmator and so you’ve probably never made an animated gif (if you are a photoshop pro then this review probably isn’t for you). Maybe you have made an animated gif in the past but found it a real hassle which put you off making further GIFs.

Well if you are similar to me then I think you are going to love PicGIF.

What Is PicGIF?

PicGIF is a simple, easy to use Mac application from Pearl Mountain that turns your pics or videos into Animated GIFS. That’s it’s single function unlike more complicated photo editing applications that can do every function under the sun, PicGIF is streamlined and easy that even someone who sucks at editing image (that’s me) can use it.

I’ll let their video show you how it works

What I like

As I’ve mentioned before, It’s stupidly easy to use. Trained monkey, me and certainly you can all use it with easy. Just drag and drop a video or some pictures, add some text with some font (if you want), if you’re really feeling adventurous you can change the frame rate! Then save and it’s ready to go online.

PicGIF also supports a variety of media formats (including JPEG, BMP, PNG, RAW, MPEG, MOV and MP4) so it’s highly likely that it will be compatible with whatever media you want.

Oh and here is a test GIF I made after my recent trip to Seville or a peacock and a duck who wishes he was a peacock.

peacock and duck

What I Don’t Like

PicGIFs greatest strength is its greatest weakness to. It’s just a basic animated GIF maker. You can’t edit the image beyond adding text and choosing how much of your GIF it fills up. Any special effects or crazy transitions will have to be done outside of the app itself.

It also loads up the entire video you add (up to a limit of 300 frames) and doesn’t give you the option to specify what part of the video you want before hand. If you only want the middle 10 second, you have to do that editing in another app before.

Nor for that matter can you select the text to appear only for part of the time. It’s either on screen the whole time (and in the same place) or off. If you want text for different parts you’ll have to edit each frame in another editor.

Buy/Don’t Buy

If you are looking for a simple way to convert some pictures you have or a video into an Animated GIF to show off, then PicGIF will be perfect for you. But if you want to make more impressive and radical GIFs then you might want to consider another option. With a price of only $4.99 (usually $19.90) it’s not a bad deal.

Price: 5,49 €

[Photo Credit: Fortyseven via Compfight cc]

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