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Let’s say you want to include email from an account when you tell Mail to  “Get new messages in all accounts.” …

Apple uses industry standard IMAP4 mailbox access protocol.  Trouble is, Microsoft doesn’t play nice and won’t let you in using IMAP4.   ( requires ActiveSync or POP3 access.)

Solution 1:  Email Forwarding

First question to ask is: Can you live with simple email forwarding from to your Apple Mail inbox?  If so:

  • Enable forwarding under:
    [Your account] / Inbox / Settings / More mail settings / Email forwarding
  • Enter your Apple Mail address (or some other email account that Mail is connected to) and you’re done!

One more thing – Microsoft disables forwarding until you “verify” your phone via an SMS code they send to you.  No verification, no forwarding.

Solution 2:  Use “Go-Between” Account

If you need Apple Mail control by account within Inbox, it’s more involved.  You will need an IMAP4 “go-between” account that uses POP3 to pull messages from and then sends them on to your Apple Mail inbox:

  • Create (or repurpose) another account as the
       (I created a new one in Gmail.)  Using Gmail as an example, configure for
    IMAP4 access by Apple Mail under:

[Your Gmail account] / Inbox / Settings
/ Settings / Forwarding and POP/IMAP:

  • Set “Status”
    to “Enable IMAP
  • Tell Gmail to use POP3 to talk to

[Your Gmail account] / Inbox /
Settings / Settings / Accounts:

          – Set “Send
mail as”
to [Your account] and make it
the default

          – Set “When
replying to a message”
to “Always
reply from default address

          – Set “Check
mail from other accounts (using POP3)”
[Your account]

  • Connect Mail to [Your Gmail account]

[Your Apple Mail account] /
Preferences / Accounts:

          – Set “Email
to [Your Gmail account]

          – Set “Incoming
Mail Server”
to “”

  • Finally, test setup by sending email to
    the address.
      It won’t be immediate but, before long, you should see that message arrive in the corresponding Mail inbox.

That’s it!


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