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[Preview] Stratos

After months of teasers, screenshots, we now have another preview of Stratos, this time a more in-depth video. The CortexDevTeam say they’re “nearing release” now, so I guess just a couple more weeks now.  If you’ve never heard of Stratos, we’ll give you a quick update on it and the video preview after the jump.

Stratos, Stratos, where to begin? Developed primarily by Ethan Arbuckle of the CortexDevTeam, the first video sneak peek of Stratos arrived on the web towards the end of July 2014, since then it has developed greatly, as you’ll see in the new video preview below.

I kinda see Stratos as a combination of the iOS 6 and iOS 7 app switcher, but basically, Stratos puts the app previews (cards) of the App Switcher into the Control Centre. Definitely a tweak to be watching out for, for those that hate double tapping the Home button (like me).

The preview shows that Stratos has a load of options to customize the tweak how you want it. You can change the blur style, toggle parallax on/off, hide grabber, change page order, etc. all this is done in real-time so no need to respring to apply changes.

What are your thoughts on Stratos? Sound off in the comments below

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