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Are you a paperless ambassador? Even though I love digital tools and have for a long time I still keep paper and have notebooks around. It sounds strange especially as I got into digital tools at an early age to help compensate for my poor spelling and bad memory due to my dyslexia. You’d think I would be a prime candidate to be a full blow paperless evangelist. But I’m not. This is one of the things I prefer “Dumb“.

Last week Shawn Blanc reacted to the pictures of the Moto 360 by stating that he likes having a dumb analogue watch and probably won’t be interested in getting a smart watch when one comes out (though he has added a note that his views could change in the future as who knows what will happen.] Shawn’s larger point is that it is good to not always be connected.

  • Sometimes we don’t want to keep the note we have written down.
  • Sometimes we don’t want to know what places other people liked in a town, instead we want to explore and even go to a dive.
  • Sometimes it’s good to only be able to take 24 photos as it makes you think about what needs to be recorded.
  • sometimes it’s great to talk with a person and not have a vibration in your pocket demanding your attention
  • Sometimes we just want some peace and quite for ourselves rather than being in the middle of the shouting pit.

Smart devices are great and bring us some amazing new functions and options but sometimes it’s great to have a dumb device. One that does the core function and nothing else.

So what about you? What do you like “dumb”? And what do you like smart?
[Photo Credit: Iwan Gabovitch via Compfight cc ]

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