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If you are religious then you’ve probably heard someone say the phrase (and even uttered it yourself) I’ll pray for you…and then not prayed for that person. It’s not that you don’t want to pray for these people, it might be that you haven’t developed a regular habit of praying for people, you forget things straight away (like me) or you just forget what you are suppose to pray for when the time actually comes to it.

Pray4today is an app that is designed to help you remember what you should pray for people.

What I Like

The app makes it really easy to add a prayer item for a person. All you do is click the plus item in the top right and then give the item a title, notes and tags.

These notes are also adjustable so you don’t have to have the same prayer items everyday. This can be really helpful if you have a load of items to pray for. Instead you only can set the items to appear once a week or even once a month.


A really nice touch is the ability to list prayers as answered and view prayers under “today, active and answered”. This separates the issues you should pray for today, all the issues you have added to your list and the items you have marked as answered. Letting you track the history of prayers overtime. This is a great feature that some apps overlook, yet it is highly important.

The tags really help to search through and finding related items. You can use this to track the issues you’ve prayed for different people or to look up related issues. One I have is “exams” as I have a lot of friends and family currently taking exams, but I also have tags for my family members to help me track the prayers they need over time.

You can also save and backup your prayers by signing up for a free account allowing you to change device and insure you don’t lose any items if your device dies.

What I Don’t Like

There are a couple of features that really feel as though they are missing from the app. The first is a timed reminder. I know you can just set one using the alarm clock on the phone but it would make a lot of sense to bake one into the app itself.

It would also be great to customise the appearance of prayers a bit more. Instead of having either everyday, once a week, or once a month, what about an option to have two or three times a week? Even a rotation between certain issues would allow more flexibility but wouldn’t take much effort to implement.


The design is also a little strange. It seems to be aiming for a flat, iOS design but then it has a brown colour scheme which I really don’t like. Maybe this is a very personal issue of taste and perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if the home screen followed the same colour scheme as the data entry screen and over view of prayer issues. This lack of coordination makes it feel less polished and professional compared to some other prayer apps.

Finally, unlike some prayer apps, there is no option to subscribe to a feed with suggested prayer items. This would be a great feature to have as it keeps you up to date without having to enter the changes yourself.

Buy/Don’t Buy

Prayer apps are a very personal item and people want different things out of them, as such it is rare for there to be a perfect fit for people. Personally, I won’t keep on using pray4today as it doesn’t fit into exactly what I want and what helps me. I need something to prompt me to prayer and some suggested topics that change each day. I also love the ability to subscribe to feeds that are regularly updated.

However, if you appreciate tracking answered prayers and a simple way to enter your prayer request then maybe you will prefer pray4today. And with the low cost of $0.99 there aren’t many other reasons to complain.

For an alternative review, check out Churchmag’s review.

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