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Popular Media Player VLC Back in the App Store!

If you’d been using VLC for iOS (by VideoLAN), you’d know it was pulled from the App Store last year in September for whatever reason, now its back on iOS! VLC is now available on iOS, Desktop, Android, WinRT and Windows Phone. 

The desktop version (codenamed Weatherwax) is now up to v2.2.0, it plays almost every video format and comes with a load of new features including the ability to automatically rotate vertical videos, support for resume playback on desktop and improved support for Ultra HD codecs.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf, VideoLAN’s president and lead developer said in a statement “VLC runs everywhere, plays everything. We’re working on many new features for VLC 3.0.0 to finish what we started here.”

Its also worth noting that the creators of VLC are a team of dedicated volunteers and do not get paid for their work, instead they accept donations from their user base. To donate to the on-going development head over to their donation page.

The iOS version of VLC is now up to v2.4.1 and you can download it here

You can grab the desktop version of VLC here

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