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PopClip: The Best Thing To Happen To Copy & Paste

For the last couple of days I have been using a new tool. One that has added time to my day. Not a major boost in free time, but enough that it would be sorely missed.
I have been using a tool named PopClip created by Nick of Pilotmoon. This tool really is a simple thought turned into a must have addition to any Mac.

PopClip appears when you select text with your mouse on your Mac. Instantly copy & paste, and access actions like search, spelling, dictionary and over 90 more.

It’s really that simple, but where the fun really comes in is in the extensions! 90+ free extensions have made this little selection tool a must have.Once installed, the menubar icon provides all of the settings one may need. From launch at login, to extension management, to size of the bar. It’s all there.

By default PopClip comes with a few standard options on what to do with your text selected outside of the normal copy and paste. Copy and search. Search the web that is. It utilizes your default browser to allow you to search any string of text from any app on your Mac.


Arguably the best part of PopClip is it’s ability to extend itself with numerous services. PopClip extensions!

Things, Evernote, Chrome, Reminders, Tweetbot, Facebook, Messages, Bing, Amazon and more, a lot more, can be added to this tool.


What you do with PopClip can be endless. I have started using a workflow at work that has me copying emails and then using the Evernote extension to save it as a new note for me to follow up on at a later time.

Using the reminder extension to setup a reminder of a soccer game I have, a movie screening I can’t miss or even the kids dentist appointment straight from text that was sent to me via Gmail or a Message from the wife.

How you use this tool will defintely be different than I, but that is what makes PopClip a winner in my eyes. It can help to streamline your workflows with the use of your mouse. No more writing is needed. If the text exists, PopClip sees to the rest.

I would highly recommend this to you as a must have tool for your Mac.

If you want to know more about PopClip and how we use it here at Macdaily, grab us on Twitter and Google+.

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