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Poll: What Do You Think About The Design Of iOS 7?

Over the past few days since iOS 7 has been released into the wild, there has been a mixed reaction to the design behind it.
Positive, negative, hatred, love, all of the above have been used. But overall it seems that most people are confused by the direction that Apple is taking iOS.

The Android crowd is calling “copy”, all the while forgetting that iOS came first, the designers are calling “foul” and even some of the bigger named media outlets are complaining.

But what about you? What do you think?

I honestly love it! Beta is beta, there will be some refinement I am sure to the icons themselves but overall the look and design of iOS 7 is great.

But what do you think? We value your opinion as we sometimes look down a narrow fanboy tube at what Apple releases to the world. Sometimes we need a little added smack of reality to look outside of the fanboy box.

Hit up the poll below and let us know what you really think about iOS 7 and it’s new design!

Make sure to swing by Google+ and continue the conversation or we are always on at Twitter chatting. Stay tuned for more on iOS 7 beta goodies!

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