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Picture Collage Maker: Art From Your Photos

First let me start off by saying up front that while I had nothing against collages, it just wasn’t something I had done before.  Even after shooting a couple of weddings and other gatherings, I have never really had the urge to put a collage together.
So when our founder and editor in chief here at, Matthew, sent this application over to me to do a write-up on, I have to admit, I had my reservations.  If you aren’t sure what a photo collage is, it is basically a composite of different photographs and other bits and pieces combined to make up a larger overall piece of art.

First Impressions:
We start off with a typical Apple install, easy and quick. Upon opening Picture Collage Maker, you will see the initial display is an opportunity to watch a video that gets you in the Christmas spirit by showing you how to create a Christmas collage. Once that video is done, or upon subsequent entry into the application, you start off by selecting Collage template, I chose a calendar.

I haven’t really thought about creating collages, but I have to admit, as I continued to try adding things to my collage, I found myself actually forgetting I was supposed to be writing about the product and just flat out enjoyed what I was creating.  Like seriously, enjoying myself.

Sharing to Facebook, if you must, was easy as can be, having to just enter my generated code to allow access to Facebook, and off it went.  Exporting to an image or pdf is also a snap, and you can even create and email or save it as your desktop straight from the export screen.  Overall I found the interface to be easy to manipulate and just as easy to learn with a few minutes of playing around.

Some of the things that I did notice is that the application does not have full window mode, but that certainly isn’t a deal breaker. You can also drag and drop images to the project and from there it is a snap to drag it to the template.  Once you drop the image into the photo object on the template it would be nice to be able to move the image within the object, but again this is just getting nit-picky.

It is very easy to move the objects forward or back in the layers. You can change the template size to suit your needs.  You can easily add masks or any other type of object and it snaps to other objects very well.  Really you have almost as much control as you could want.  If you don’t see a template you like you can purchase additional collage templates form their in-app store.

So my verdict?  I say this is one fun piece of software that I had no idea I would enjoy so much.  Along with my calendar, I am ready to go ahead and crank out this years family Christmas cards, my Dads upcoming birthday card, and a current family photo album all in one shot.  I really found that between the ease of use of the Photo Collage Maker and the creativity you can show with the creation of these collages, there really is no excuse to not display and share your photos in new and interesting ways.

So what are you waiting for, go download Photo Collage Maker, by the folks over at Pearl Mountain Technology Co. Ltd, and start creating today.

Grab the app on the Mac App Store!

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