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Path Finder 6 – Finder’s Big Brother

I don’t think I am alone when I say that Finder is really lacking with functionality. Am I? I think Mavericks and the updated version of Finder proves that I am not alone in that thought.

Finder needs to be updated.

Why wait around for Mavericks to drop when you have Path Finder 6. Path Finder is an amazing alternative to Finder that brings workflow and functionality together to make the best use your time.

Path Finder (within options) allows you to replace Finder as your default file manager on your Mac. This allows for you to have an almost exorbitant amount of options that are below the water.

With tabbed windows, process shortcuts, access to Terminal, iTunes and many more features, this is a great tool to elevate the bordem of the everyday Finder.

Tabbed windows alone is a win compared to the single window of our beloved Finder. Adding the features that Path Finder has brings a whole new world to file management. It’s easier, it’s quicker and even a bit more fun.

But with lots of options come the possibility of becoming overwhelmed. So to scale back you only utilize what you need. And what someone truly needs is just Finder with a few tabs.

Path Finder 6 is a great piece of software, one that brings to a single place so many options. So many possible shortcuts can be had, workflows can be maximised and the speed at which you do all of the above can be cut in half.


p class=”p1″>With all of the above said, I have gone back to Finder. Sometimes doing it the way you have done things for so long just feels better. I would recommend Path Finder 6 to a small select few, maybe a coder or developer that moves files around, but not to the average day to day Mac user. It’s just too overwhelming.

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