Android or iOS

Lets state the obvious here: You are at an Apple website that covers Apple products, which includes all iDevices and iOS. So you can probably garner the opinion from just that sentence.
BUT, what I want to do is give my honest two cents around the conversation at hand and hopefully lend a little bit of honest common sense to the topic.

The question, Android or iOS?

Which is better and why? Okay so let’s state the obvious here: Continue reading Android or iOS

Mac or PC

This is a question that I get approached about on a weekly, if not daily basis. Would you purchase a Mac or a PC?
I have been a Mac user for years. From an iMac to a Macbook Pro and now sitting at an Ikea desk typing away on my Macbook Air. I am a lover of these machines. I also ONLY carry an iPhone but that is for another discussion.

The reason I use Mac’s is simple. They are better machines. Period.

But the question above really digs deeper than just a simple statement of preference.

Why do you use a windows machine over a Mac? Vice Versa? What do you need one or the other? This is really what it comes down to. Do you use your machine for work and the apps at work only work on a Mac? Are you a designer and the Mac fits your mold better? Are you a hardcore gamer and need the best drivers available for your video card? Continue reading Mac or PC

The Nifty Drive Has Arrived

Long ago in a universe far far away there was a very popular Kickstarter campaign. One in which the designer brought a simple idea into the realm of real. Nifty Drives were born after an immensely successful campaign in which they asked for 11,000 and received 384,319 in backing. I being one of the many folks who say potential in this little gem, was super excited to get one.
Well delays, shipping issues, manufacturing redos all came along and the ship date slid from November  to before Christmas, to end of January and finally arrived, after it was forgotten, on February 23rd.

What is the Nifty Drive? Continue reading The Nifty Drive Has Arrived