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Apple Should Make a Touch Sensitive Smart Keyboard for iPad

Share Tweet Pin Share Reddit Email WhatsAppShares 0It’s rumour season as we approach march and almost a year since the last iPad update with the iPad Pro 9.7″. There’s also a lot of people speculating about what might improve the iPad (or calling for its death) in light of the decline in sales again (when everything else had a record quarter). There are some predictable ideas (faster CPU, higher resolution screen etc) some unlike ideas (USB C instead of lightning) and some headscratchers (iPad with non removable laptop keyboard). While I’d love many of these features (not a non removable […]

New “Better Than A Computer” IPad Ads

Share Tweet Pin Share Reddit Email WhatsAppShares 0After another year when iPad sales declined (yup, it happened again) despite growth in every other area, Apple has released a new set of adverts focused on the iPad and how it is different, even better than a computer. I’m sure that you can relate as an iPad has several advantages over a standard laptop or desktop (and yes, it has disadvantages in some fields too.) Have a look. Better than a computer Don’t hunt for Wifi Do more with word No PC Viruses These really hit the iPad’s selling points, its simple, […]

No, You Can’t Pair Two AirPods to One iPhone

Apple AirPods

Share Tweet Pin Share Reddit Email WhatsAppShares 0In this video review, Faruk behind iPhonedo reviews the new Apple AirPods and takes a look at a challenge I suspect a few people might come up against. Using a couple of sets of headphones with one device. Check out the review to find out how he gets on, what he makes of the AirPods and a tip on where you can get hold of your own AirPods.   With the traditional headphone jack, you could easily pick up a headphone jack splitter to add a second set of headphones. With the move […]

Add Any Font To Your IPad With AnyFont

Share14 Tweet Pin Share Reddit Email WhatsAppShares 14A while back I picked up an app called AnyFont which lets you add, well, any font to your iPad. I didn’t use it for several years but kept it on my iPad. Last month, I needed it for the scrivener challenge and I was really glad I had it. If you need to use a specific font on your iPad, you need anyfont. Here’s how it works. How to use add a font with anyfont First of all you need to download AnyFont from the app store. Click here to get it […]

TeeSpring Now Useable on the iPad…kind of.

teespring tshirt large

Share Tweet Pin Share Reddit Email WhatsAppShares 0In my Tshirt challenge that I took a while back, I found that the teespring tshirt creator tool was incompatible with the iPad. I’m guessing it was due to using flash. Well, now the teespring tshirt creator tool can be accessed on your iPad. If you head over to teespring, and click on create/sell. Now the tshirt creator tool will load and allow you to add an image and text. You can also select different options such as the colour of the tshirt and whether it is a men’, women’s tshirt or even […]

iOS Tips: Turn on LED Flash Notifications

iPhone LED notifications image no text

Share Tweet Pin Share Reddit Email WhatsAppShares 0Although the “ping” of a notification and the buzz from your iPhone are useful ways to be alerted to a new message or important prompt from an App, you might still miss them. If you are hard of hearing, have your phone across the room (and on a soft surface which absorbs the noise from your phone’s speakers or vibrations) then you might want a more visual form of notification. The good news is that you can turn on LED flash notifications where your iPhone will flash to let you know that you […]