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Nice Red Update, where’s the iPad Pro?

On Tuesday I woke to the news that the Apple Store was down which usually signals the arrival of new products and upgrades. I was immediately a bit worried as the day before I had checked out John Grubber’s take on the iPad rumours and an update to the store meant that a new iPad Pro was highly unlikely. An updated iPad Pro (with reduced bezels) would certainly have called for an event, but here were new products coming without an event. Here’s what apple announced Red iPhone 7 and 7Plus Apple’s partnership with Product (Red) continues and the iPhone […]

A More Advance iPad Multitasking Mock Up

IPad Split view from apple website

Matt Birchler had a go at making a mock up of a more advance iPad multitasking interface. Notable features include three apps at one a new, catagoriesed app picker a dock for full screen apps have a look. It’s an interesting approach with some good ideas that takes a lot of cues from the mac. The dock in particular would be a complete mac paradaim that would be added in. Solid iPad Multitasking Improvements but… In my opinion, it would help improve a couple of friction points with iPad multitasking, such as the limit of two apps, the terrible app […]

The Advantage of a “Not Perfect” Music App

I’ve been playing with music subscription apps recently and I’m coming to the conclusion that a non perfect music app may be better for me than one with “perfect” suggestions. My Streaming Service Background For context, I remember trying Spotify a long time ago before smartphones were really a thing. I used it for a lot of my university career to test new music but I still bought albums as well. However, around the time I moved to Ukraine, I started using Google play music. The idea of backing up my CD collection and then streaming it made perfect sense […]

Apple Should Make a Touch Sensitive Smart Keyboard for iPad

It’s rumour season as we approach march and almost a year since the last iPad update with the iPad Pro 9.7″. There’s also a lot of people speculating about what might improve the iPad (or calling for its death) in light of the decline in sales again (when everything else had a record quarter). There are some predictable ideas (faster CPU, higher resolution screen etc) some unlike ideas (USB C instead of lightning) and some headscratchers (iPad with non removable laptop keyboard). While I’d love many of these features (not a non removable keyboard) I can think of one hardware […]

New “Better Than A Computer” IPad Ads

After another year when iPad sales declined (yup, it happened again) despite growth in every other area, Apple has released a new set of adverts focused on the iPad and how it is different, even better than a computer. I’m sure that you can relate as an iPad has several advantages over a standard laptop or desktop (and yes, it has disadvantages in some fields too.) Have a look. Better than a computer Don’t hunt for Wifi Do more with word No PC Viruses These really hit the iPad’s selling points, its simple, it’s incredibly portable and you can use […]

No, You Can’t Pair Two AirPods to One iPhone

Apple AirPods

In this video review, Faruk behind iPhonedo reviews the new Apple AirPods and takes a look at a challenge I suspect a few people might come up against. Using a couple of sets of headphones with one device. Check out the review to find out how he gets on, what he makes of the AirPods and a tip on where you can get hold of your own AirPods.   With the traditional headphone jack, you could easily pick up a headphone jack splitter to add a second set of headphones. With the move to bluetooth and lightning headphones (and especially […]