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iOS 11 brings the iPad 2.0

When the iPad was first released back in (2010?) it surprised a lot of people. The rumours and speculation around apples tablet centred around “would it be just a big iPhone” or would it be a small MacBook with all the usual paraphernalia. In the end it was a big iPhone but the word just doesn’t feel right there. The iPad specific apps helped the iPad to carve out a better path than android tablets with their big phone interfaces (no wonder 7″ tablets were more popular for android). And yet at the same time it lacked the attention of […]

How To Set Up a WordPress Development Site on the iPad

Genesis child theme for WordPress on IPad Pro

As I mentioned last time, this idea of a test site is an easy way to do simple development for a WordPress site on the iPad. However to get going, you need to set up a test site. luckily this can all be done on the iPad. Here’s a guide to setting up a test site (or full site) on the iPad. Choose a name, get a domain If you don’t have a site, then you’ll need a domain name first. if you already have a site, then you could set up a subdomain for your site (test.yoursitesname.com for example) […]

No New Features Coming To WorkFlow app

No new workflow features coming

Reports from iGeneration seem to suggest that workflow won’t be getting any new updates and is in maintenance mode with only possible bug fixes. This follows Apple’s recent acquisition of Workflow and has been indicated by email’s from customer support which warn that Workflow will only be receiving bug fixes in future updates. This indicates that Apple certainly has no long term plans to keep Workflow around, though some people are still hopeful that a more powerful and integrated replacement for Workflow is being worked on by Apple with the team they acquired. This is perhaps unsurprising as Apple turned the app […]

Making A Genesis Child Theme For WordPress On The iPad

Genesis child theme for WordPress on IPad Pro

One of the things that has really held me from going all in on iOS was working with WordPress. I like to play around with websites and am a hobbiest WordPress developer. I’m not expert, but i like playing around and helping friends out with their sites. As anyone who plays with WordPress knows, you should test things first on a local server as you develop, and although you can spend 90% of your time editing CSS files, you still need a PHP server to run your tests. Until recently I had wondered about the different ways I could get […]

Apple’s New IFTTT applets

If you’d asked me a couple of weeks ago whether Apple would add greater support for IFTTT to some of their apps and services, I’d have said it was almost a certain no (the almost would have been to save your feelings from getting hurt by laughing in your face). Yet here we are and Apple has indeed added IFTTT support to calendars and the app store. Let’s check it out. A brief history of IFTTT I’ve been a long time user of IFTTT for lots of little things. Sometimes services like keeping my Twitter and Facebook profile pictures in […]

Nice Red Update, where’s the iPad Pro?

On Tuesday I woke to the news that the Apple Store was down which usually signals the arrival of new products and upgrades. I was immediately a bit worried as the day before I had checked out John Grubber’s take on the iPad rumours and an update to the store meant that a new iPad Pro was highly unlikely. An updated iPad Pro (with reduced bezels) would certainly have called for an event, but here were new products coming without an event. Here’s what apple announced Red iPhone 7 and 7Plus Apple’s partnership with Product (Red) continues and the iPhone […]