Dynamics – Make your dynamic wallpapers more interesting

Developed by Polar Hacker, Dynamics allows you to replace the somewhat boring bubbles on the iOS dynamic wallpapers to things like the Apple logo, hearts, butterflies and more. Although Dynamics has been out for about a month now, for some reason it slipped under my radar. Here’s what I thought of it.

First things first, if you’re hellbent against Winterboard, look away now… Dynamics depends on Winterboard to function. If you have already have theme’s installed and love to change the look of your iDevice, Dynamics is worth checking out.

Once installed, set your Dynamic wallpaper as you would normally, Settings > Wallpaper. Then head over to Winterboard to replace those bubbles on your dynamic wallpaper. At the moment you can choose between:

– Triforce
– Teacup
– Star
– Square
– Skelux
– Sad Mac
– Reddit
– MacCiti
– Heart
– Happy Mac
– Butterfly
– Apple
– Android

Dynamics is a great tweak to show off to your friends, showcasing what a jailbroken device can do. I think with regular updates, adding new shapes will make Dynamics an even better tweak than what it is now. It would be cool if users could easily create their own shapes, either way, the possibilites are endless..

The developer also recommends installing HiddenWallpapers (free) to reach the full potential of Dynamics. You can expect regular updates, adding new shapes in the future. If you want, you can send your suggestions to the developer on Twitter here.

You can grab Dynamics from the MacCiti repo in Cydia for $1.00.

What are your thoughts on Dynamics? Sound off in the comments below.

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[Coming Soon] SimpleCenters – Complete control over your NC & CC

A new upcoming tweak going by the name of SimpleCenters, aims to give you complete control over your Notification Center and Control Center. Packed with tons of features and options, SimpleCenters may be the only tweak you’ll ever need to customize what you see (or don’t see) in your NC & CC. Keep reading as I put SimpleCentres through its paces.

Developed by the same person that brought you SimpleNC (Logan O’Connell), comes SimpleCenters, allowing you to customize not only the Notification Center but also the Control Center.

If you remember from our review of SimpleNC, we had a lot of customization options in the Settings, they were a little unappealing as it was just a long list of toggles. SimpleCenters also improves on the preferences this time around, with clear sections/headings I think everything is a little more organized.

SimpleCenters brings even more customization options to the NC than SimpleNC.

I particularly like the Control Center customization options as I always use the Control Center. The ‘Hide CC when toggling’ option is pretty cool, it does exactly that, it hides the rest of the Control Center while you concentrate on a part of the CC.

Final Thoughts
SimpleCenters greatly improves on its predecessor, though shouldn’t be considered as a ‘Pro’ version of SimpleNC, it also brings customization options to the Control Center, and I think that explains why it’s a completely separate tweak. If you’re not concerned about tinkering with the ControlCenter, you could just stick with SimpleNC but if you want something much more, for $0.99 SimpleCenters is definitely worth it.

SimpleCenters has been submitted to Cydia so you could be seeing it very soon.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the dev, follow him on Twitter here

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[Coming Soon] Velox II

Velox II, same concept, new developer. Phillip Tennen (a.k.a Codyd51), has written Velox II from the ground up, nothing is as it was, well, apart from the concept 🙂 All code is completely written by Codyd51 and with his track record, we can expect some great things. Check out what we thought of Velox II after the jump

Velox II allows you to invoke cool features, easily snap a photo with the Camera, make a quick note, quickly see the latest Cydia updates, do all this, without ever having to leave the Homescreen, pretty convenient right?

It’s all very simple to set up, in fact you could just install Velox II and start using it. The only setting you might want to tinker with is the Activator gesture that is used to invoke Velox II’s features. I’ve left it to ‘Swipe up on icon’, but I think a swipe down gesture is more fitting, though I could see it conflicting with the Spotlight. There’s also a Dark Mode switch, so you’re not blinded by the pop ups at night.

Swipe up on the YouTube icon and easily search and view videos
Need to look up something? No problem, Google search right there on your Homescreen
Music app integration allows you to view currently playing music and adds swipe gestures to go Next/Previous, tap to Play/Pause, its all there in that small pop up.
Compose a tweet from your Homescreen…
I’ve been playing with Velox for a couple of hours now and it is a well rounded tweak, I could definitely see myself using it on a regular basis. I also tried it out on my iPad Mini 2, I think the only problem I came across (on my iPad) was that Velox II didn’t work in landscape

While Codyd51 had nothing to do with Velox (mark 1), he is kind enough to offer a discounted price for people who purchased the initial version of Velox.

You’ll be able to grab Velox II on Cydia within the next couple of weeks. It’ll be $2 for new users and $1 for early adopters.

What do you guys think of Velox II? Sound off in the comments below…

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