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Tweetbot for Mac gets updated to 1.2.2

The good folks over at Tapbots have graciously released an update for their MAc product, Tweetbot. Version 1.2.2 of the Mac centric (we love this!) Twitter client includes a number of new features along with the all too obvious bug fixes. When Tapbots introduced the world to Tweetbot for Mac in late 2012 there was a decision to be made. Tweetbot has a larger price tag of 19.99. For someone such as myself who now lives without any form of plastic is his wallet, it seemed far off. Well since the client is amazing on my iPhone, the plunge was taken. I haven’t looked back and […]

Google+ updated to 4.3.0 for iPhone

If you use Google+ on your iPhone like I do, you will want to keep your eyes out for an update that supposedly makes sharing your content, posting photos, and managing your communities even easier. While that is a hefty list of promises, the update does assume that you will have more control over your content and share it in less time. While I am still getting to “know” Google+, I admit I love the simplicity of the app itself. The large smooth icons, the white space. It’s well done and now it’s updated and working faster. What else could a man/women […]

Alfred Review: Productivity Redefined

One of the features that has made the Internet so great is Google search. Wether it’s your favorite search engine or not, we can’t deny the innovation in its power and simplicity. This is why Google has won the search wars. They have offered the complete Internet in a search box. Apple attempted to introduce the same functionality to your computer files with Spotlight, which launched in June 2004. It worked, but not perfectly or elegantly as it should have. When Alfred came along, I gave it a shot. I fell in love with it automatically and it has become […]

Apple updates Podcasts app to version 1.2

Apple’s own Podcasts app has received an update to version 1.2. Lately the wife and I have been into listening to Podcasts, I must admit I have listened to only a handfull of Podcasts. The app is simple and does it’s job, we honestly haven’t played with it at all. The update brings with it a few new features along with bug and stability fixes. The list of new additions to the app are below: • Create custom stations of your favorite podcasts that update automatically with new episodes • Choose whether your stations begin playing with the newest or oldest unplayed episode • Your stations […]

Apple releases iOS 6.1.3 to fix passcode bypass

Today the good folks at Apple released iOS 6.1.3. It is a tiny incremental update to the ever popular iOS that includes a security patch for the previously very visible passcode bypass vulnerability. The bug allowed access to the Phone app even when the screen was locked. While this is great functionality in my mind, it was not meant to be like that. The release notes (see image above) also mention improvements to the Maps app for users in Japan. Japan is a very long way off, but either we Americans are getting screwed or the friendly nation of Japan is getting a […]

Forgot your Mac’s wireless password? Here’s how to recover it!

If you are like me in any way, you may indeed have a ton of passwords out there. Unfortunately I am a bit paranoid, so I have a large number of different passwords. Not all the same with a 1 after it! Thankfully, the team over at the Apple office’s have made it very easy to recover a forgotten password. This step by step tutorial is a short one but a life saver if you have ever forgotten your wireless router’s password, or even passwords used online for websites. Before you get started, you will need access to your Mac’s Admin account […]