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OS X Tip: Add Twitter Account Info To Your Contacts

Contacts is not something I usually use on Mountain Lion. Actually it’s something I never use on Mountain Lion. Using sync between Google and my iPhone is more than enough for me.
I know for a fact that there are lots of folks who keep contacts on their Macs. And that is why we wanted to bring you this little tip that can help you in your OCD maintenance of your contacts.

Twitter, this little obscure website on the interwebs has become a bit popular. So why not have your best friend Twitter handles? Why not add this to your contact data so you have it when you need it.

Let’s walk through adding it to your contacts app in OS X Mountain Lion.

We will start by opening up your System Preferences and click on Mail, Contacts & Calendars tab.

twitter contacts prefs

Next add your Twitter account(s) if you haven’t already.

add twitter contacts

Click the “Updates Contacts…” button to allow Twitter to update your contacts.

twitter update contacts

Allow Twitter to update your contacts and attached Twitter to the contacts within your Contact app.

update contacts

Once done, which may take some time depending on how many contacts you have, it will tell you at the bottom of the screen how many contacts where updated. Mine obviously only did one.

contacts updated

If this didn’t update as many contacts as you thought, head on over to the Contacts App and hit up the Twitter option and update manually!


So there you have it. Pretty simple update to add Twitter to your OS X Mountain Lion Contacts list.

If you have any issues or need a bit more help in the walk through, hit us up on Twitter or Google+.



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