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If you’ve been obsessed with threes! like most of the Macdaily writers recently or fed up of seeing yet another flappy bird copy then this free game should provide you with some interesting diversion. It’s called Only One.

What is Only One?

Only one is a retro styled 8 bit game that follows a story a bit like highlander, you have to complete stages killing everything that comes along till you are the only one left. in the words of the developer

It’s highlander meets Zelda meets Jet li’s the One. (With a little golden axe thrown in there too)

As you go you collect power from killing things and can upgrade your skills, gain powers and new abilities. You start of facing easier opposition and then more and tougher opponents through the stages.

Check out the video

What I Like

The controls are super simple and the game dynamic is too, you simply have a control stick on one side of the screen and an attack button on the other side. As you gain abilities they become new buttons next to your attack button.

The game play is simple but fun, I imagine it could get boring after a while with so much button bashing but it means it is easy to pick up and start playing.

Only One Abilities and Upgrades -

I also really love the little touches like a special power up called “the cake” which if you touch you are squashed and on the screen “the cake is a lie” appears.

You also face a range of enemies which you face who have selection of abilities and styles of attacks. Plus there are level bosses as well.

What I Don’t Like

It is a bit too much button basing in my opinion, though the addition of abilities does help alleviate this. I doubt that it has long lasting playability because of that.

The game pad isn’t very accurate which can lead to falling off the edge of the cliff. Although this does increase the difficulty of the game and increase the skill required which helps mitigate the button bashing.

The financial model is interesting. Personally, I like the type of game where you pay at the start and then that’s done. Only one is a free game with in app purchases but it probably has the best model of in app purchases.

only one boss -

As you kill things you gain “power” the more you kill the more you get. You can buy more power so you can level up quicker, or you can pay a one off purchase of $1.99 which doubles the power you get for as long as you have the game. As I say it’s probably the best model of in app purchases and is completely playable without the purchase.

Buy/Don’t Buy

Only one is an insanely fun and addictive retro styled game that is perfect for the commute to and from work. It’s instantly playable and simple game mechanics make it a great hit. I doubt it will be a classic in years time but it will provide you with days of fun.

Only One
Only One
Developer: Ernest Szoka
Price: Free+

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