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I switched over to Omnifocus for my todo list solution last year after falling out of love with (it just wasn’t for me). Last Thursday Omnifocus 2 for Mac came out to many reviews. This latest updates adds some extra features that aid those who are deep into the GTD system but it may also be of interest to non GTDers as well.

As there have been a series of great reviews and articles on this latest update I’m not going to waste your time repeating the same thing but I’d link to some of the best articles out there.

A word of warning, the pricing system is a little strange. There are two version, Standard and Pro. If you have bought Omnifocus for Mac on the app store and buy Omnifcous 2 for Mac [$39.99] there is an in app purchase (for free) to upgrade. Just don’t delete your copy of Omnifocus for Mac until you validate the in app purchase. From the Omni group store, the app is $39.99 for the standard and $79.99 for the pro but there are upgrade prices of $19.99 and $39.99.

Shawn Blanc

Omnifocus is and has been Shawn’s tool of choice for years so this influences his review. However, he includes a great image at the start of his review explaining different “GTD workflows” and why it may or may not be right for you.

Federico Viticci [Macstories]

Federico called his review “from a reminders user’s perspective” which gives you some great insight into the approach he takes. He explains why he hasn’t chosen to use Omnifocus 2 for Mac[and why it might be wrong for you] but also the features that he likes and dislikes from the latest version from his perspective. [Spoiler alert: he doesn’t choose to switch back to Omnifocus.]

Steven Hacket [512pixels]

Steven has been an on and off user of Omnifocus and so he again as a different take on Omnifocus 2 for Mac, what he likes and dislikes about the new design and features.

Inside Omnifocus

This isn’t a review but a collection of resources and blog posts on how people use Omnifocus two. It shows how people adapt the app and system for their own uses.

My personal opinion

I really like Omnifocus 2 for Mac, the interface feels more modern and the addition of forecast view is a real improvement. The interface changes also make it a lot easier to pick up and start using. Reading the free user manual also made me realise there were a couple of tweaks I could make to the way I use Omnifocus which will make me more of a GTD user but won’t take a lot to implement.

This certainly isn’t the todo app for everyone but it is a great option that you should consider.

Have you tried out Omnifocus 2 for Mac yet? Why do you use (or not use) Omnifocus?  

OmniFocus 2
OmniFocus 2
Developer: The Omni Group
Price: 43,99 €+

Reproduced by permission of the Omni Group

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