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As I’ve been testing the olloclip products recently, one issue kept coming up. You can’t have the reasurance of a protective case surounding your iPhone when you use an olloclip. Either you have to take the iPhone out of whatever case you have it in (not great for rapid fire photo taking.) Or you have to go for periods without using a case.

For many people this isn’t a problem, a lot of people like the iPhone bare and without a case. However, if the issues of using a case have put you off picking up an olloclip product in the past then perhaps the olloclip quick-flip case will interest you. In fact, even if you don’t like cases at all you might find the olloclip quick-flip case interesting.

What I Like

The biggest issue with cases is they add bulk to the device, often in the form of weight and always in the area of size. Even something as light and compact as Apple’s own offerings adds to the size of the device (and don’t even get started on the Otterbox and similar). However, the olloclip quick-flip case is, at least, on the lighter end of that scale. The quick-flip case provides a slight lip to reduce the change of the screen hitting the ground first and potentially save you a trip to the Apple store. In addition it completely covers the back preventing any scratches.

The rotatable lense cover is a very clever touch. It covers the area around the lens without blocking it, but when you need to add on your fisheye lens, you simply rotate it and you can quickly attach your olloclip lenses. However, the functionality doesn’t stop there. This small piece of plastic can continue rotating until it is in alignment with the volume button on the iPhone. Resting here, just off the button, you can quickly press it down and take a photo.

The final nice touch from the olloclip quick-flip case is the extra, tripod and accessory, adaptor points. This is a great alternative to the glif especially as you don’t only gain the benefit of stability but you also can attach camera lighting of microphones to enhance your photos futher.

What I Don’t Like

One unfortunate negative note is the feel of the case. Unlike the luxurious leather of the iPhone cases, the olloclip is obviously plastic. Obviously it has to be made out of plastic as otherwise it would be far to expensive or too flexible and not riged enough to rotate effectively. However, a nicer finish could be applied to the plastic so that it feels better in the hand.

Following on from that, the plastic isn’t going to offer your phone a great deal of protection. It will protect you against scratches on the back and drops from low hights but it’s no otterbox. Any extreme case sernarios will still reck the device. Of course, further protection would make the case more bulky and unwieldy.

The final problem with the olloclip quick-flip case is that you will need a version specific case. If the next iPhone has a radically different design then you will need to get a new case, this is different from something like the new universal smartphone glif which can adapt for many device. However, it is very typical for a case for a phone and as such is perhaps an unfair criticism and comparison.

Buy/Don’t Buy

If you don’t like having a case on your iphone then you may still be interested in the olloclip quick-flip case. The ability for it to slot into a tripod, attach camera accessories and quickly take photos make it enhance the photo functionality of your iPhone. Of course, if you do like having a case on your iPhone and want to use an olloclip as well, then the olloclip quick-flip case is the only option for you.

Personally, I have shifted over to using an olloclip quick-flip case due to it’s easy of use and protection that it offers for my iPhone. I really love the attention that the designs have paid with the small touches such as the rapido photo taking option.

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