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Reports from iGeneration seem to suggest that workflow won’t be getting any new updates and is in maintenance mode with only possible bug fixes. This follows Apple’s recent acquisition of Workflow and has been indicated by email’s from customer support which warn that Workflow will only be receiving bug fixes in future updates.

This indicates that Apple certainly has no long term plans to keep Workflow around, though some people are still hopeful that a more powerful and integrated replacement for Workflow is being worked on by Apple with the team they acquired. This is perhaps unsurprising as Apple turned the app from being paid to free (a good move to silence critics as it was “only free”) and Apple’s history of buying services and either killing them off, or integrate them more deeply, like Siri. However, Like Siri, it is usually dumbed down.

Workflow pushing iOS forward

“Workflow has been the greatest advancement in the iPad for serious work in the last two years” claimed CGP Grey on the Cortex podcast. While this might be a bit of an over exaggeration, there is a great deal of truth here. Workflow has helped push the iPad from simple single apps to complex operations at a time where Apple appears to have taken its foot of the pedal.

As such, the purchase of Workflow now takes on much more significance. Apple seems to be pushing the iPad more for serious work and as such I take an optimistic view that Apple is going to come out with its own more integrated alternative. At the same time, it’s a shame that couldn’t exist alongside Workflow with the competition pushing both teams forward.


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