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In this video review, Faruk behind iPhonedo reviews the new Apple AirPods and takes a look at a challenge I suspect a few people might come up against. Using a couple of sets of headphones with one device. Check out the review to find out how he gets on, what he makes of the AirPods and a tip on where you can get hold of your own AirPods.


With the traditional headphone jack, you could easily pick up a headphone jack splitter to add a second set of headphones. With the move to bluetooth and lightning headphones (and especially AirPods) this is a much greater challenge. Apple doesn’t yet seem to think people might want to use two pairs of AirPods to ANY device. While I can see this being a deliberate choice with the iPhone (as it is a personal device), the decision not to allow two pairs of AirPods to be used at the same time with an Apple TV is very strange. Let’s hope they update this.

What’s good about Airpods?

The highlights of the review include details that others have mentioned before (and I mentioned in my what I’m looking forward to review). Including

  • The easy pairing
  • the synchronisation between devices (with the same iCloud account)
  • the battery life
  • an improvement upon the EarPods sound

What’s not so good about AirPods?

Although Faruk doesn’t mention too many bad points with the AirPods, he does pick up on a couple which include.

  • they look strange and “not cool”
  • the might not fit some ears as well as others.
  • they can be hard to find (as they are so small)

I suspect that most people will know from the off if they want AirPods or not but if I’m wrong, perhaps this review will help you to work out whether to buy a set of AirPods or not.

Are you interested in Apple AirPods? Why/Why not?

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