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Nintendo to Bring its Games to iOS

Nintendo has finally given in and has announced that they will be bringing their games and characters to iOS soon. To bring us these games, Nintendo will be partnering with Japanese mobile gaming firm, DeNA.

Nintendo has stated that they will be creating new titles from the ground up rather than porting existing games from its consoles.

Nintendo has been in talks of developing games for smartphones as early as 2010 and only has recently became more concrete.

You might not have heard of DeNA, but it is a multi-billion dollar mobile games firm. The company has also said that “All Nintendo intellectual property (IP) will be eligible for development and exploration by the alliance”. Though the duo’s approach seems to qualitative rather than quantitative

In addition to developing games for smartphones, both companies plan to develop and online membership service that allows users to play games across a variety of devices, including mobile devices, PC’s and Nintendo’s own consoles like the 3DS and Wii U. This service is slated to launch “in the fall of 2015”.
Source – TechCrunch

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