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The Nifty Drive Has Arrived

Long ago in a universe far far away there was a very popular Kickstarter campaign. One in which the designer brought a simple idea into the realm of real. Nifty Drives were born after an immensely successful campaign in which they asked for 11,000 and received 384,319 in backing. I being one of the many folks who say potential in this little gem, was super excited to get one.
Well delays, shipping issues, manufacturing redos all came along and the ship date slid from November  to before Christmas, to end of January and finally arrived, after it was forgotten, on February 23rd.

What is the Nifty Drive?

Simply put: Its a well designed housing for a MicroSD card that fits the style of what we Apple owners have come to expect of our products.

The Nifty Drive is just that, Nifty. It’s simple, it’s sleek and it fits your machine well.

nifty drive

What does it do?

It is a well designed and made casing to hold a MicroSD card to add extra flash storage to your machines. Right now, as in the image at the top of the post, I have my Macbook Air sitting pretty with an added 64gigs of added space. I hold all of Macdaily’s files on it.

I actually back it up nightly to the Nifty Drive with the help of SilverKeeper. Its a bit outdated but continues to function and work like a champ! Each login it syncs my files from my SSD on the Macbook Air to my Nifty Drive.

I also do this with my photo archive from within iPhoto.

Do you backup? Do you need a Nifty Drive? I cannot recommend it enough.

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