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Nice Red Update, where’s the iPad Pro?

On Tuesday I woke to the news that the Apple Store was down which usually signals the arrival of new products and upgrades. I was immediately a bit worried as the day before I had checked out John Grubber’s take on the iPad rumours and an update to the store meant that a new iPad Pro was highly unlikely. An updated iPad Pro (with reduced bezels) would certainly have called for an event, but here were new products coming without an event. Here’s what apple announced

Red iPhone 7 and 7Plus

Apple’s partnership with Product (Red) continues and the iPhone 7 and 7Plus in red are the latest editions. personally I’m a big fan of red products (and product red) with my last iPhone case being an iPhone 5s product red edition. However, I had mine in space grey with a black front. The new iPhones have a white front with a silver rim to the home button. While it’s not terrible, I think I’m going with the consensus that a black front and red rim around the home button would have been better. Speaking of RED

Red cases

I wanted a new red case for my IPhone SE for a while and finally I can go for that with the new iPhone SE Product (red) case and product (red) cases for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S and 6S plus in silicon and leather.

New iPad

The biggest news from apple’s releases is the new iPad. It’s name is just iPad (although it’s the 5th generation? But the 7th after the two airs?) It features an upgraded processor over the iPad Air 2, but is more in the iPad Air (1st gen)’s size. It starts at 32GB and is starting at $329. Basically, if you don’t want a Smart Keyboard or pencil, get this.

Watch bands

As per usual, Apple has released a set of new watch bands for the Apple Watch. Including nylon bands, sports bands, Nike watch bands, leather and Hermes bands. Basically something for everyone?

IPhone SE memory bump

The iPhone SE now comes in 32gb or 128GB models rather than 16GB or 64GB. Seeing as my wife has only 16gb on her phone, I appreciate the idea of a 32GB base model.

Clips app

One of the biggest announcements is the new Clips app that will be coming with iOS 10.3. Basically, it’s a creative video app with filters, text, and so on that works at the OS level and lets you share to different social networks. I love this idea as you don’t have to get into the terrible snapchat user experience or get tied down to one network, instead you could share it anywhere. Even nicer, it uses the camera face recognition to suggest people to share the video to. This should really help iMessage as a social platform.

What about the new iPad Pro?

This certainly seem to suggest it will be a while before the next iPad Pro will come along. If I had to guess, I’d place a bet on October, WWDC could be another contender but here are my reasons. A near bezeless device will require a major OS update to have a log in process that makes sense. We’ve not seen anything like that in OS 10.3 betas, therefor it might get hinted at in the WWDC keynote, but that would be for an OS coming in October, so a new device in October.
This annoys me a bit as I’ve held off getting an iPad Pro as I could see the low hanging fruit for them to get.

  • Touch ID 2nd generation scanner
  • 3D Touch
  • true tone everywhere
  • USB 3 everywhere
    But now I’ve had the cash read to get one and it will have been a year and a half of waiting for the next update.
    Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and we’ll see some new iPads along with iMacs, Macbook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and a car (and there will be much rejoicing of nerds) but it doesn’t look great.

Which of Apple’s new announcements interest you the most?

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