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I can think of no better way to spend Sunday morning than sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee while reading the news. Reading the news, of course, can be enjoyed on the iPad with a plethora of news aggregator sites, news apps and social media. But what if there was an app that ambitiously tried to combine all three? News360 has been updated for the iPad and attempts to accomplish all three.

How Does It Work?

News360’s best feature is its algorithms for gathering relevant news that interests you. Upon initial launch, you can link your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts. Unlike most apps that use your social media accounts to share the app content with others, News360 tries to scan your social media accounts to learn what interests you. The next step involves selecting individual drill-down topics. I chose iPad, iMac, Android and others. Flipboard users will find the layout familiar, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see what makes this app so different. This sounds ambitious, but does it work?

What I Like

I can say with confidence it does a fairly good job learning what I like. I linked my Google+ account and in a matter of seconds I was quickly reading relevant articles. This is better than any news app I’ve ever used, it’s tailored just for me! It’s also worth noting that the app continuously tries to learn more about you each time you use the app. It does this with a reading stats algorithm based on a 20 star scoring system. As it learns more about you it adds more stars.

News360’s other great feature is how it links similar articles on other sites. For each cube article on the screen, you simply flick your finger upward to read the article, then flick again to read similar articles on other news sites. Tap on the cube and you are presented with a full screen layout of the article.

What I Don’t Like

While News360 does a superb job aggregating the articles, it does not include any media included in the original article – in the default view. You can, however, scroll down to the bottom of the article and click “Continue Reading”, which will then present a slightly larger layout of the article with the media included. I find this redundant. I would rather that the extended view was the default view.


Perhaps News360’s third best feature is it’s price: FREE! It’s the best news app I’ve used on the iPad, so give it a try and let us know how you like it!

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