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New TinyUmbrella Beta Released – iOS Downgrading Coming Soon?

Yesterday, Semaphore released a complete rewrite of his popular TinyUmbrella tool for OSX and Windows, which was one of the tools used to downgrade to an older iOS firmware. With the release of iOS 6, Apple rendered TinyUmbrella or should I say, the saving of SHSH blobs ‘useless’. Now that it has been re-released, what could this mean?

If you’re fairly new to jailbreaking, chances are you won’t have heard of TunyUmbrella, but basically it was a tool that allowed users to downgrade to earlier iOS firmwares. So if you were on iOS 5.1, you could downgrade to iOS 4.2.x, but only IF you had ‘SHSH blobs’ saved.

What are SHSH blobs?
SHSH blobs are basically unique keys that Apple uses to ‘sign’ a firmware so that you can restore to it, without them iTunes will not allow you to restore

What is TinyUmbrella?
TinyUmbrella grabs these ‘SHSH blobs’ and saves them so you can later restore to an earlier iOS firmware. Once Apple stops officially ‘signing’ a firmware you cannot go back to it, unless you’ve saved the firmwares SHSH blobs.

Now, Semaphore know’s something we don’t, since the old version of TinyUmbrella was effectively useless for devices on iOS 6 and above, Apple must have changed something in regards to restoring firmwares.

What does this mean?
All this means that we could be able to downgrade to earlier iOS firmwares, IF we’ve saved the SHSH blobs. This new beta version of TinyUmbrella is here to remind us to save our blobs, so that maybe, one day, we can restore to an old iOS firmware.

You can download the latest beta version of TinyUmbrella from the official site here. Once installed, saving your SHSH blobs is a one-click process, no options to configure or anything, just connect your iDevice and click.

I’d personally start saving iOS SHSH blobs now, just in case I’d ever want to restore back to an old iOS firmware for whatever reason.

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