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Need for Speed: No Limits Teaser Trailer Released

Towards the end of November 2014 we posted about a new Need for Speed game coming soon to iOS devices, dubbed No Limits. We’re not going to lie, we initially thought it was going to be an endless ‘runner/racer’. Thanks to a teaser gameplay trailer released this morning, we can safely say it won’t be one. Check out the teaser trailer to Need for Speed: No Limits after the jump.

I think a lot of people will be glad to know that it looks like No Limits will be a proper street racer and will have tons of customization options. Personally, it reminds me of Need for Speed Underground 2, which was the best Need for Speed game to be made, in my opinion.

We still have no idea whether it will be a freemium title, like Real Racing 3 or a premium title, honestly though, I think it’ll be the former, but I hope to be proven wrong.

Looks like this will be a freemium title

Still no word on the release date for this title, but I sure hope it is soon. In the meantime you check out the official Twitter page for Need for Speed: No Limits for any updates.
What do you guys think of the teaser? Comment below

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