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If you live in the US, which most of our beloved readers do, you may play soccer. NBC just announced that their Sports Live Extra Channel and iOS apps will bring you the EPL in HD. NBC is bringing to the US, ALL of the English Premier League games.!

NBC Sports is now an exclusive Premier League partner so all matches will be streamed live on television, online and on your iDevices.

Okay okay calm down, this is great news but with anything there is a catch.

2013-08-14 at 8.27 AM

While this seems like an amazing deal, the catch is pretty rough.  The app is free, the streaming is free, and you get all of the EPL games. The catch is you need to have at least an 80+ channel starter package at 60 dollars a month to get NBC Sports Live Extra content.

NBC Sports Live Extra is available for Comcast Xfinity, Verizon Fios, and other cable providers around the US. Call and find out if you can grab this channel.


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