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A naked iPhone, it’s the only way

Here at Macdaily, we have been talking (arguing) a lot lately about whether or not to carry around our iPhones in a case or not. Some of us enjoy protecting the iDevice, some carry as it should be, naked!
Naked as in, it sits on my desk at work or in it’s in my pocket. As is, as it was meant to be. In all of it’s simplistic glory.

I do understand that the majority of you out there are clumsy, I get that women throw their iPhones into their purses throughout the day. But as a man (I am not asking for your man card!), there is no need for a case at all. Put it in your pocket!

There are cases that serve a function, such as a wallet, credit card machines, battery extenders and many more. There are cases that are pretty, brand-able, unbreakable, waterproof and more. But there is not a case out there that “adds’ to the look of the iPhone as is. Everything available takes away from the beauty that Jon Ive and team has constructed. Even as a Star Wars fanboy, these very cool Star Wars cases don’t even tempt me.

But think about this. How many hours went into the design of your iDevice? How many people had input? How many hours went into the construction of the device, the materials researched, the colors, the size, the buttons, the placement of glass versus plastic, on and on and on.

We paid a great deal of money for this iPhone and we all should show it off. Like it was meant to be. Allow the beauty of the iPhone to speak for itself.

Don’t go and put some case from Five Below on it so it looks like crap. Keep it Naked and take better care of it!

The iPhone 4, and now 5 is just an awesome piece of technological beauty. So why would you go and mess with it and put a junky piece of plastic around it?!!

Do you case? What case do you use and why?

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  1. I got to have a case. I’m very particular about how my electronics look. Plus when I go to resell my iPhone, I can get more money for it.

  2. I am in the “nekked” iPhone camp. Starting with the iPhone 5, I made the decision to no longer wear a case. After having several iDevices over the years I have full confidence in the gorilla glass, and always make sure it goes in a different pocket than the one my keys are in.
    That said, I do miss supporting my Atlanta Braves ever time I use the phone and I have to admit to having a few close calls where my phone has hit the ground. I have been lucky andor the gorilla glass has been strong.

      • It does seem that there is a bit of confusion about the iPhone 5 and the glass type used for it based on my searches. I can find nothing definitive as to what it is other than there may have been some changes starting with the iPhone 4.
        If you are privy to the information would love if you shared it, but basically I was implying that the glass is extremely resilient and I do trust it to survive without a screen protector or case.

        The metal bumper on my iPhone 5 has actually been dinged up worse than the glass, but still love rolling with a naked iPhone.

  3. 1. I use cases to protect my iPhone from scratches. 2. For Fashion. 3. So that it will always look bnew especially if I buy a new upgraded version of iPhone.

    • Cute, have had my iPhone 5 since day and no scratches at all from being in my pocket. As for Fashion, you have the ultimate fashion in the phone. Cases make it look silly.As for the upgrade, all US carriers at least, as long as the screen is not cracked and the phone works you can trade it in.

      BUT to each his/her own.

    • My response above points it out, but mainly because Apple has made a beautiful piece of electronic art and I want to respect the work and all the long hours that went into it, rather than slapping some tacky piece of plastic on it.