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I bought a DSLR a couple of years ago as my interest in photography had bloomed since I picked up an iPhone some five years ago. The camera I settled on was an Olympus OM-D EM-1. It might not have been the best choice due to it’s smaller sensor, but in other ways it’s small sensor helps deeper depth of field photos which I tend to prefer than the heavily bokehed stuff (although that was a reason I bought a DSLR!). Recently, as you may have seen I have taken started focusing on making videos for iPad Guild. This was partially so I could complete another challenge (making a video using the iPad) but also as a creative challenge to make videos. I love to stretch myself with different creative outlets and have been very into music, painting, web design, photography and sketchnoting before trying making videos.

Should I use my Olympus or my iPhone?

Anyway, during the recent challenge I considered what device I should use for filming. Although my Olympus can do some things that my iPhone can’t (like zooming, optical image stabilization and so on) my iPhone can shoot in 4K and my Olympus can’t. That puts a limit on the quality of video that I can make if I use my Olympus.

Curiously enough, my new iPad, the iPad Pro 10,5 2017, can also shoot in 4K. So in one clear metric, my iPhone (an SE in case you’re wondering) and iPad can take better video than my DSLR. When you add in their portability or the dual lens system with optical image stabilization in the iPhone X, that gives them a real advantage over a DSLR.

The iPhone doesn’t beat every camera

Now, there are 8K video cameras (but not stills cameras which can shoot 8K…yet) and there are stills cameras which can shoot 4K with wider angle lenses, or lenses which can zoom further, so my iPhone (and even the top of the line iPhone) isn’t necessarily better than every camera (or even your camera) but I still find it interesting how this common device can out perform many items of “pro” gear in some aspects.

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