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Must have Apps for your Mac

When I first switched to a Mac years ago it was harder than I believe it would be today. There were gaps, there were annoyances, and to be honest it was pretty slow.
But in this day and age it is so much better. The apps are stronger, the OS is better and more stable, the gap is next to nothing if not easier to use than Windows.

The list of apps that I wanted to go through are Mac centric apps that I feel are worth every penny spent, and something I honestly use daily. I will start with the most used apps (in my workflows) and go from there.

First up is an amazing product: Reeder

Reeder is an RSS Reader (reeder) and is a well written, beautifully designed and is made for both on iOS and on the Mac. This is hands down my favorite, and my most used iOS app. Not including always having open on the Macbook Air!

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 9.39.03 AM

Reeder is the most elegant solution to reading the lastest news items focusing on your interests. It currently supports Google Reader (which is dead on July 1st), Fever and Readability. With the slow demise of Google Reader, I am sure it will add support for other feeds software such as Feedly in the near future.

Adding subscriptions can be done within the app, setting up folders is also an easy task to group your sites/feeds together in a snap. The shear simplicity and the minimalistic look and feel is what gets me every time! It’s gorgeous.

Reeder can be found on the App Store for a well deserved 4.99. This is a must buy! And a great tool in watching the latest news unfold before your eyes.

Second in line is a wonderful tool: Tweetbot is an amazing tool for all of you Twitter freaks out there.

Tapbots, the fine folks behind Tweetbot, produce amazing products. Tweetbot was an iOS app first but after an explosion of popularity, they needed to give us something special.

Tweetbot is that something special.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 10.04.37 AM

Tweetbot is an easy to use, intuitive application that is always running on my iPhone and my Macbook Air. It’s what I use for Twitter conversations and I due to it, I have met some of the awesome writers here on the site.

Again, and you may see a pattern, but the simplicity of the application is what makes it amazing. This full featured app is a must have in your Applications folder and one that will amaze you with the awesome features, ease of use and the beauty of the UI. Get it!

Tweetbot can be had from the App Store at a very justified price of 19.99. The price is justified for many reasons but overall, you are supporting a two person team! Go out and grab this gem.

In Third place comes a utility app that is a must have: Appzapper. Appzapper is the uninstaller that Apple forgot (their words, not mine!).

This little app is such a strong utility that I had to get it as soon as I left the dark side back in the day. Apple has always had an issue with uninstalling applications well. How do you do it? Do you get all of the files? Do you just put it in the trash can? Well that is where Appzapper comes into play, and does a superb job!

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 10.15.46 AM

In the above picture, you see the power of this little beauty. Drag the app to the little window, it will show you ALL of the files associated with the app you want to unistall, hit Zap! and you hear this awesome lightsaber sound and BAM! It’s gone.

It honestly is that simple and the way the team behind Appzapper has done it, is great!

I cannot recommend this product enough. Grab Appzapper at the low price of 12.95 ASAP. This will help all of you make an easier transition to the Mac for sure.

While I recognize there are lots of apps out there that I have missed, and or left out, I assure you we will have many more articles like this here at I promise. If you have an App you want us to check out, look into, play with a while, let us know.

We are always looking for awesome time savers or workflow maximizing apps. Hit us up anytime!


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