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I came across Mu chargers when I was killing time waiting for a flight from the UK back to Poland. I noticed the compact design and charging options and thought that it could be a great device for me. However, I also knew that there wasn’t quite the device that I wanted. They had compact options for the UK with one and two USB ports as well as a traveller option which could switch between UK, US and EU options but only came in One USB port out.

It was clear that a charger which could easily change country and had two USB ports out was the right option and a quick google search revealed they had such a device. So about a year later I picked one up when I came across it again flying from the UK. Now, after a year, here’s my review of the Mu Traveller Worldwide Duo.

What’s Good

Seeing as I’m all in with iOS I need very few cables and certainly don’t need to take my MacBook charger when I go abroad. As I usually have to charge my

  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Pro
  • Apple Watch
  • AirPods
  • External battery
  • Camera (either a Fuji X100t or recently a Ricoh GR)

I can charge everyone (except the Fuji) from a USB port and only the Ricoh and external backup battery need micro USB. This means if I take a couple of lightning cables and my Apple Watch cable (and a short Micro USB just in case) I can charge everything with little messing around.

The fact that I can quickly switch between EU and UK without bringing an chunky adaptor is great and for those times when I’m not traveling abroad I can use it to power my iPad while giving a presentation (turns out that powering a TV drains a lot of power. I usually can get by but it’s nice to not have to think about it).

What’s Bad/not so good

It’s hard for me to come up with any downsides with this device. It really does the job that I need it to and that makes it tricky to critique but any review which doesn’t mention a flaw or a decision made is a bad review in my opinion. So here we go.

The UK plug isn’t perfect. It’s designed to be compact (which it is) but when you expand it to actually be plugged in, you need to make sure that it’s fully expanded and locked in place. That can take a little time.

The UK and US plus collapse into their casing making them very discreet, but the EU plug permanently protrudes out, risking the ends being bent. It’s not a real downside but it’s clearly worse compared to the other country options.

Ideas for the future

Obviously some people need more than two USB ports at one time or don’t want the hassle of making sure they rotate devices (and cables) but for me I enjoy the encouragement to pack light and I wouldn’t really like to carry three or four lightning cables. That said what I want doesn’t mean Mu shouldn’t do it.

MU has just completed a kickstarter campaign for their USB C version, the MU One. This comes in only one output but it is USB C. So if you have a Nintendo switch or want fast charging on your iPad Pro, this could be a great option too. I’d love to see a USB C and USB A/ two USB C outputs at some point in the future as well.

Buy/Don’t Buy

If you are the sort of person who does a lot of traveling to countries which use different plug types and need a good lightning/USB charging tool then the MU traveller worldwide duo is perfect. Sure it doesn’t have five USB outputs so you can’t charge everything all the time but with a little charging management, you’ll get by fine. If you really need more charging, then you may want a second.

(There are no affiliate links on this page, that’s how much I love mu)

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