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Move over Instagram, Pressgram is here to liberate our photos

If you have been on the Internet even a modest amount of time, and you have an entrepreneurial spirit, there is a decent chance you have heard of Kickstarter. You may even have heard of some of the products which have been born from a successfully “kickstarted” campaign. However, in case you have been living under a rock; Kickstarter is a website where you can submit a product idea and ask the world to crowdsource your project by backing it with their funds. As a backer, In return, you typically get inside information about the product, and often, depending on the amount of your backing, you are given something in return like stickers or t-shirts.
One of the latest Kickstarter projects creating a growing buzz is Pressgram, by John Saddington. Pressgram, as the name might suggest, is a photo app for mobile devices that allows you to apply filters and share your images with others. But it is a complete rethink in how it is implemented when compared to other popular apps like Instagram. While it does indeed take on the role of a camera, it just as importantly allows you to share them on your own terms, in your own forum. You could argue that it is an app built to provide photographic liberty to the camera phone photographers of the world

Now that you know what Kickstarter is, and you have a little teaser as to what Pressgram is going to be, let me present an argument as to why you should join me as a backer of John’s Kickstarter project for Pressgram. One of the great things about Kickstarter is you can back a project for as little as $1 USD if you like or more if you feel so inclined. However, even at $1, that is still your money and deserves to only be spent on a worthwhile cause by a knowledgeable and trustworthy team. So to start off, I feel I am most likely safe in assuming that if you have read this far, you have an interest in photography via a mobile device as well as an interest in publishing these photos in the Internet.

Many of the other social sharing applications like Instagram, have restrictive terms of service (ToS) that you implicitly agree to when you use their application. These limitations can essentially transfer ownership of your content to the company that owns the app; meaning in theory they could use your photos without your permission. With Pressgram, your content is yours and will always remain yours no matter what you share. Additionally, because you are sharing to your own WordPress blog(.com or .org), you control when and how that content will be shared. This is completely different from the way Instagram and Twitter work where your content is displayed within the limited structure they provide. John plans on launching first on Apple’s iPhone and then later on other platforms.  Perhaps John’s own words and apparent need for the application below exemplify the old English proverb; Necessity is the mother of invention.

So who is this John guy, and why should I trust him to build Pressgram with my money? I hear you, and I admit I don’t know John personally, but feel pretty comfortable talking about his seemingly endless drive for success, business integrity, and technical acumen based on his well established body of work. He has worked as a software engineer for several fortune 50 companies, he is the Chief Technology Officer for Team Science, and the Editor in Chief at While I am impressed with his work that I have seen there, it is his work at 8Bit, where he is one of the co-founders, that impresses me the most.

He has managed to help build a team at 8Bit that exemplifies how a company should treat its employees and its customers. I have followed John and the company he keeps with the other fantastic members of the 8Bit team via their social media, but also as a paying customer in their support forums for Standard Theme. It isn’t often that a business earns my trust, but John, the team at 8Bit, and the community they have helped build around their products have certainly done just that.

All that said, when I heard that John submitted a mobile App for his Kickstarter project I knew it would be something that was created not just for personal gain, but also for the good of the Internet community and would probably also be a great example for other people looking to start their own Kickstarter-like projects. John really does eat, sleep, and drink great ideas and has an uncanny ability to temper all of these great ideas with a God given gift of discernment, intuition, and discretion when it comes to pursuit of them.

The fact that I have never met John and yet trust him with my hard earned money to help build Pressgram speaks volumes about how he has presented himself online both as a person and as a businessman. Take that with the fact that I think the entire idea of Pressgram solves a big and growing problem facing us all in the mobile space and it wasn’t a hard decision at all to help Kickstart this project. If you are still with me, I can’t help but think that you might take the last step and visit the Pressgram Kickstarter page and get the nitty gritty details from John himself.

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    • Glad to do it John. You and your motley group of guys at 8Bit have been great champions in the technical community and I appreciate that. Pressgram is a fantastic idea of which I was glad to back on Kickstarter and look forward to using.
      Maybe next time I am in Atlanta for a Braves game I will try to swing by the 8Bit studio to see insane geniuses at work first hand!