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More games are being removed from the App Store

We’re seeing more games being removed from the App Store and from customers purchase histories. Recently we saw Disney remove well over 30 of its games from the App Store, other publishers such as Telltale Games, Capcom, SEGA and others are doing the same. Electronic Arts also removed some of its popular titles, such as Dead Space and the original Real Racing.

So users who previously purchased these now-removed titles can’t even download the games from their purchase history. Published that have removed titles include 2K Games, TellTale Games, Capcom, SEGA and Electronic Arts.

This all started a few weeks ago when BioShock by 2K Games was removed from users purchase history, while the game was pulled from the App Store months earlier. For a while, users could download the game to their devices even though the game was no longer available on the App Store, but once it was removed from the purchase history, that was it. It is pretty appalling, seeing as though the title cost $15 when it was released and it was pulled less that a year after its release. 2K Games have stated that BioShock will be returning to iOS at a later date but there’s no confirmation as to when that may be. Users will mostly likely even have to pay for the game again if it does ever make its way back onto the App Store.

As stated before, other publishers have removed some of their games too, for example classic racer, Real Racing by EA is no longer available, neither is The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us by TellTale Games, which is a crying shame. These are (or were) some of the best games on iOS. TellTale’s titles may be coming back after bugs are fixed for iOS 9 but it does point to a big problem in the App Store. While TellTale games may be accessible via a users purchase history, in-app purchases will no longer work, users won’t be able to restore their previously paid for content, such as extra episodes and what not.

Source – TouchArcade
Apple has given a statement on this whole ‘unable to download past purchases’ fiasco and have said that they will no longer allow users to download games from their purchase history if developers remove their apps.

Is it right for publishers to pull their games from the App Store without notice? Sound off in the comments below

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