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Yesterday mophie released it’s new iPhone case, the Mophie space pack. Unlike previous cases from Mophie which just gave you extra battery power, better protection or helped you to store your phone, the Mophie space pack not only provides extra battery power (1700mAh, according to mophie, one day’s charge) but it also provides you with storage space (16 or 32 gb) akin to an SD card on an android phone.

It’s an interesting new move but for me it is definitely the wrong answer to my problems.

Who Is The Space Pack For?

Some people use their iPhones one heck of a lot. For some it is their main computing device for contacting people, creating documents, organizing events and more. For most of us it is one tool out of our arsenal. The more you use your iPhone as your default computer, the bigger the battery drain (I know, are bears catholic, does the pope…well).

For these people there is a real need for more battery power just to get through the day every day. The mophie is a great solution for them…but do they really need the extra storage space?

Extra storage space seems like a strange need to fill with a physical device. In general people are moving towards a model of storage media (such as movies, books, photos and videos) off the device and on the cloud. Now this certainly isn’t true of every media format nor is it true of every users but in areas like music and books, we are basically there with services like spotify, rdio, Google play music and iTunes match. Photos are moving in this direction too with options to automatically transfer your photos to your Mac or PC and photo storage solutions rising up but video we have a long way to go.

As such, if someone is using their iPhone to take a lot of videos then mophie space would be perfect for them.

Why It’s Not Right For Me (and probably you too)

The problem with both of the points above is that it isn’t me. I don’t use up my battery everyday (sometimes I get close when I skype or facetime for a long period of time but that is usually when I can plug my device in) and although I take a lot of pictures and take some videos I generally get them off my device and on to a backup system pretty quickly.

In fact, one of the things that has impressed me the most since moving to iOS is how little space I used up on my iPhone. Although everything HAS to be in the general storage, images, documents and apps seem to take up less space. Admittedly I don’t have any games on my iPhone (at the moment) and nor do I have my kindle books) but storage space hasn’t been an issue for me.

As for the battery, although I can sometimes drain it heavily when traveling, I have a backup portable battery that I keep in my rucksack for when I need it. This is a much better solution for me as it isn’t something I need all the time and yet it keeps the iPhone true to it’s core experience

The Major Downside Of The Mophie Space Pack

The real issue with these solutions offered by mophie is they lose some of the uniqueness of the iPhone. By adding the physical and data weight of the case and bulking up the size they make the device less portable, heavier, encourage you to bulk up on applications you don’t need and slow your device down.

As I’ve said there are some cases where it could be good, especially if you take a lot of video or find yourself daily running out of battery charge. However, I’d prefer an attractive dock on my desk to keep it charged while at work, better systems for getting media off my device, and if necessary, large device storage (which is actually cheaper than buying the case).

I’m sure some users will buy the Mophie space pack and it will probably do well, but it certainly isn’t the direction I’d like to go with my cases. I want them light, mobile and keeping the iPhone experience.

Are you interested in a Mophie Space Case? Why/why not?


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