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Monument Valley’s expansion level goes free for a limited time

The hit mobile game, Monument Valley received an update today bringing the app version to 2.3, with it, comes a free level expansion pack, Ida’s Dream. Initially launched as an exclusive for a charity promotion, users can now grab Ida’s Dream for free just by updating the app.

Monument Valley is a pretty cool puzzler, with beautiful visuals and great gameplay. You play as the silent princess, Ida, guiding her through fantastical and seemingly impossible architecture, trying to outsmart the Crow People.

Monument Valley is what you’d call a pretty successful game, launched in  March of 2014, Monument Valley has since received more than a handful of awards, including, 2014 iPad Game of the Year, 2014 Best 3D Visuals, 2014 Achievement in Art Direction, 2015 Best Overall Game and 2015 Best Mobile & Handheld.  The game was also featured on an episode of Netflix’s House of Cards, the best thing about it is the developers didn’t have to pay for the product placement, unsuprisingly they saw a spike in downloads soon after the episode aired.

If you haven’t already, check out Monument Valley on the App Store now for $3.99

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