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Monotony: A Simple RSS Feed Reader

Monotony is a new arrival in the now heating up battle for your RSS Reader. By now you are aware of Google’s choice to get rid of Google Reader, and have no doubt moved onto something like Feedly or even as I, are sticking with Reeder.
Either way, there is always something new that will come along, trying to knock your first love off it’s perch as your number one RSS Feeder.

Monotony doesn’t claim to take over your client with bells and whistles, rather it’s simplistic approach to reading your news feed.

Monotony is a very simple feed reader. It does exactly one job: You subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds, Monotony checks for new feed entries regularly. New entries are displayed on the desktop as notifications, featuring the headline and a summary (if there’s one). To read a new feed entry in your default web browser, just click on the notification.

The simplicity of Monotony is where it wins!

Utilizing either Growl or the now built in Notification system in OS X, it brings you notifications every so often straight from your news feed. While this is not something new, it may be a bit annoying! You can turn off notifications for the day if you choose, but depending upon the amount of feeds you may have, it can become overwhelming, fast!

I currently, here at Macdaily, have over 40 different sites I follow via RSS. The main issue with the sites I follow are they just all share the same info and post the same info. This is NOT an issue with Monotony but rather how I manage our RSS feeds we follow.

With that said, my point is just that, IF you manage your feed well and you have a smaller list of sites that may update one or two times a day, this would be a perfect simple solution for you. And it’s FREE!

Overall I would recommend Monotony if you can limit your feeds to a manageable amount. This is not for someone who has 20 plus feeds that update many times a day.

Screen shots of the app on Mac OS X.

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    • It is a very solid product for sure. It’s just hard to do anything else when you have something popping up every twelve seconds on top of what you are doing.
      If more options were added to stifle the notifications I would be all over it. Sticking with Reeder at this point.