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Have you heard that the way you spend your morning can have a HUGE impact on the rest of your day? It’s true and in his book “The Miracle Morning: 6 habits to transform your life before 8am” Hal Elrod explored the habits of the most successful people, looking for similarities between them. He detailed 6 habits that can transform your life, and in the video below I identified 6 apps to help you achieve those habits. Watch the video, or scroll to find links to all the apps.

1. Silence

Silence is the first habit from the miracle morning. It’s about getting your head clear for the start of the day.

2. Affirmations

The second habit is affirmation. Affirmations are statements of who are seek to be and how you act and behave. There is a strange power to stating out loud your intentions and goals and the act of verbalising these statements helps them to become a reality. To find ideas, head to pinterest, or you can download Hal’s affirmation and read them in PDF expert.

3. Visualisation

The third stage is to visualise your day and see everything going right. For me, I like to use a calendar app and look at my upcoming appointments and tasks. I put many work related tasks on my calendar which helps this. There are two great calendar apps that will help you review your day in this way.

4. Writing

The third habit it to write. There are different ideas about the best things to write, it could be free writing (where you just write whatever you think of) or it could be what you are grateful for, thinking about or excited about. Check out Hal’s book for more.

  • Day One
  • Apple Notes (already installed)

5. Reading

Reading helps to “sharpen the saw”, that is developing a skill or knowledge that will help you in your life. There are many different reading apps including the built in iBooks, the amazon kindle app with a wide selection of books and the subscription service scribd.

6. Exercise

Exercise helps keep you healthy and exercise has productivity benefits. There are a wide range of exercise apps out there that can work with your preferred style of exercise but if you want some ideas, check out sword 7 minute workouts for a quick and easy way to get started, or fitbit coach for more intense workouts.

Give them a go!

You don’t have to try every option, but why not try adding one habit to your morning and see the effect.

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