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Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard is now available on the App Store

After months of beta testing, Microsoft finally brings their Windows Phone keyboard to iOS, dubbed Word Flow, and it comes with an interesting feature, a special one-handed mode specifically for iOS.

At a quick glance, Word Flow looks like the hundreds of other third-party keyboards on the App Store, it’s only when switching to the Arc (one-handed) mode you realize Word Flow is not your average keyboard and will likely attract larger Plus-sized iPhone users.

Word Flow supports both tapping and swipe-based typing. You also get the standard keyboard features like auto-correction and word-prediction. The word-prediction apparently gets better with time if you enable the word learning feature.

If you want you can grant Word Flow access to your Contacts so you can ‘go even faster‘ as it predicts contact names.

To keep things fresh users can customize keyboard backgrounds with themes provided in the app, which are free by the way, or they can add images from their image library.

You can download Word Flow for free right now on the App Store.

What do you think of Microsoft’s new iOS keyboard?

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