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Microsoft wants to play ball, forgets they are a bench player

Today, Microsoft released a tablet attack on the iPad. What’s interesting about this is that Microsoft is coming into this game as a bench player. Someone who is in the game, but is barely seeing any play time.
Microsoft tablets are a weak offering and their Windows 8 operating system is a schizophrenic mess that wants to be both, a modern tablet UI and a regular desktop offering. Though they do offer some compelling features, many people don’t even think of Microsoft when it comes to their tablet OS.

Apple’s iPad is the star of this game by being the best sold tablet in the globe. Android, who is also becoming a very compelling utility player, has gained a pretty decent place in the line up. This puts Microsoft in a very weak position.

I wish Microsoft well. It’s tough to be that player in the bench who makes fun of the star of the team. Eventually, the rest of the players will make fun of them and they may end up seeing themselves out of the game.

What do you think of the ad?

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