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Mezzo – Music Player for iPhone – Review

Mezzo, a new music player for the iPhone has recently been released on the App Store and it is impressive. With a beautiful interface and some cool features like queue management make Mezzo a good alternative to your current music app. Check out what I thought of Mezzo as I put it through its paces.

Many of us use the stock Music app on a daily basis, some people like it as it is and some just use it because it’s convenient and sifting through the hundreds of music apps that are on the App Store it time-consuming and let’s face it, often expensive, as many don’t be free. Whether you’re using the stock iOS Music app or an app from the App Store, we think we’ve found a pretty good alternative to your current music app.

The man behind Mezzo is first time developer Daven Gomes and honestly, using Mezzo you wouldn’t really think that.

When you first open up Mezzo, you’re greeted with a welcome screen and a quick introduction on how to use it.
Swiping right slightly on a song will add that song to ‘Play Next’ in the queue. 
Swiping further right will add the song to the end of the queue.

 Swiping left will remove the song from the queue.

That’s not the only way to manage your queue, you can also move songs around in the queue and remove the songs from the queue while in the Now Playing view. To move a song in the queue just tap and hold its cover art and drag it to whichever position you want it to be in the queue. To remove songs from the queue just tap and swipe up on the songs cover.
Mezzo is a gesture based music player so swiping up/down will increase/decrease the volume, swiping left and right will change tracks and tapping the cover will play/pause your music. Im all for this minimalistic type view as it keeps the focus on your cover art.
myMezzo is a pretty cool feature, instead of having playlist with the ‘most played’ songs or ‘most played Artists’, myMezzo allows you to view your top artists, albums, songs and more in an App Store-like layout.

Final Thoughts
While Mezzo is a good alternative to my current music app, it just hasn’t got there quite yet. It might have a great queue management feature and a beautiful interface, but the time I had played around with it, I experienced a couple of crashes when moving songs around in the queue. and the ever-so-slight pauses in my music when I exit the app or bring up the Notification Center or Control Center are a little more than annoying. I will still be keeping Mezzo in my dock but at the moment I think Mezzo is only good for me when I’m at the gym, that’s where it’s great queue management comes in handy. Mezzo is definitely one of the best music players on the App Store.

You can download Mezzo for FREE from the App Store now. You can upgrade to PRO via an in-app purchase for $1.99 which allows you to freely add/move songs in your queue, removes ads and gives you more color schemes.

What do you think of Mezzo? Will it replace your current music player?

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