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That’s right, this week I’m making a video on the iPad using LumaFusion Pro. Seeing as this site is all about doing more with iPad, it made sense to try and make a video using only my iPad Pro 10.5. The video that I edited in this video was last weeks “How to delete apps on iPad (iOS 10 and iOS 11).” The fact that video was shorter certainly helped with the challenge, but this video was also edited in LumaFusion Pro. In between the two episodes I learnt a lot more about LumaFuison Pro and it’s more powerful features and used some of them in the editing of this video. Check it out.

Apps and tools

I probably could have helped myself further if I had the larger 12.9″ iPad Pro rather than my smaller 10.5″ iPad Pro due to the bigger screen on the larger iPad. Still, the only area where I really struggled with screen size was trying to zoom in and out so I could pan quicker and move items around. Cutting and pasting clips was also a bit tricky on the iPad. There was no obvious way to clip a small section, then quickly move to where I wanted to place it. Instead I often had to zoom in and then slowly drag across the whole interface.

How Good is editing video on an iPad Pro?

To be honest, I knew this wasn’t going to be the greatest challenge in the world as I had edited video on an iPad before using iMovie. Back then I noted that iMovie on the iPad missed a few features that it had on the mac and it felt very basic (many iMovies looked fairly similar). LumaFusion Pro certainly adds some new options and power and there are a load of features which I haven’t worked out or discovered yet (I keep seeing suggested YouTube videos with tips and tricks).

As such I’m going to stick with LumaFusion Pro for now and try to work out how I can use it better. I might do an updated video when I find out more and have got better to grips with it.

What challenge would you like to see next?

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