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Last week Bentley caught the attention of the Apple loving community by creating and releasing their latest advert with everything shot using 3 iPhone 5ses and edited on an iPad air.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen iPhones and iPads being used to create adverts but what is perhaps most interesting is that this wasn’t to show off the power of the iPhone or iPad air but instead it was actually to show off the integrated technology within the car. These include the inbuilt wifi hotspot and passenger seat tables which include iPad and keyboard holders. In such a situation, showing the ability of the car to co-operate with technology (and grab the apple communities attention at the same time) was a very astute move by Bentley.

Not JUST an iPhone and iPad

Although the headline grabbing attention was that this was shot using an iPhone and edited on an iPad, in reality bentley used a couple of extra, non stock, items for their video. According to Apple insider these include:

The steady cam and lens push the price of the rig up considerably but when you comare it to a full price camera rig, it’s still substancially cheaper and yet the final edit is not obviously shot on an everyday phone.

Any small business could do it

The conclusion we all want to make after hearing about this is that now an average person in a western country can make a high quality film with just the tools in their pocket. While there is a degree of truth in that, it’s important to remember that the accessory do add substantial cost and bulk to the rig. You couldn’t keep a steady cam like the one above in your back pocket for whenever you need one!

It’s also important to remember the skills and abilities that the camera crew had developed to make the advert. This was not some off the cuff accident but a planned and expertly executed shoot.

However, with a tool like the universal glif or olloclip case and lenses, you can get a very similar set up for a lot cheaper which could be made within a shop or small business. It really opens up opportunities to make top quality productions for a small business or for personal memories with high quality.

What does this actually mean to you?

Although it is very cool that this advert was made with two pieces of kit that most of our readers have [and a few other very expensive accessories) does this actually make a difference to the average person? Maybe you take it as inspiration, you have the core kit to design and make great things from your Apple products. That goes for writing and audio as well as video by the way. Just remember, you need the skills as well as the tools.

[Photo Credit: Andrizes via Compfight cc]

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