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So the month is drawing to a close and I thought it would be great to do a roundup post of how the first 30 day iPad challenge went, some takeaways and possible action points for future challenges and ideas (as well as a sneak peak of the next challenge).

Yes, you can make and sell tshirts online using just an iPad

Despite some early technical limitations (Teespring isn’t our friend yet.) it’s actually pretty easy to get vector graphics onto your iPad and upload them to a site so that you can sell on demand tshirt and other apparel. I didn’t try a whole host of options because Zazzle has a decent reputation and worked well. I think it only took me about three days of investigating and searching for ideas to find out that I could create a tshirt and sell it online. The real challenge (as I said at the start) was the marketing side and generating interest. Yup, that’s right technical limitations are the issue.

Making something worth buying is tough

Tshirt design is tough. It probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as there are so many poorly designed tshirts out there that you can find and when you finally do see a good tshirt it stands out. If I really wanted to make a great tshirt I think I’d have to keep experimenting with ideas and practicing (just like any skill it will get better over time) or hire someone (via a site like 99 designs) to come up with a good tshirt design for me.
I think I’ll continue to play around with ideas in Paper by 53 and see if anything sticks.

an iPad Pro might have made a few things easier

There were a couple of areas where I did have little issues that an iPad Pro (or even an Air 2) might have helped with. These include webpages reloading due to too little working RAM causing loss of some data. Then there is the advantage of having split screen at moments of organsing files from the web to the graphic design interface and uploading on to the web. Plus designing on a larger screen would have helped a bit. Still it wasn’t too bad on the iPad Air.

Marketing is really tough

To be honest I was a little lazy here due to some other writing commitments and also an increased workload at work (and starting the challenge late) but I did far too little marketing and reaching out. I hope that this post might strike a chord with people and draw a bit more attention to the project (getting a bit meta talking about how I hope this post will help with the project that this post is dissecting) but I’m also working on promoting the shirts individually as well with a focus on Facebook.

A breakdown of the project

Total number of shirts sold…0 (yup big fat zero so far)
Expenses. $0.99 for an icon that is also the site logo.

What’s next?

I’ve spent a while considering what project would be fun to pursue after this first one. While this was a great challenge to make something and make some money I though going in a big of a different direction for this second challenge could be good fun and I wanted something that would personally help me. So I’ve decided to do a language learning challenge. How much can I learn in 30 days using an iPad (and perhaps an iPhone occasionally.)

To make it completely fair I’m going to start a language from scratch but I hope that this project will help me with learning Polish which is useful for where I live. Keep an eye out for the first post coming soon.

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